Get Found on Google!

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Get Found on Google!

What Good is a Website if Your Customers Can’t Find It?

The first step to getting online is to get yourself set up with a website. But then what?

You can hand out business cards or pay-per-click for advertising to draw traffic to your website, but in the long run, is that the right way to go?


Don’t Be a Dinosaur

Most people use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for the things they’re looking to buy online. Increasingly, they’re searching Google and Bing to find businesses they can visit in person in their own hometowns.

Let’s face it…. for the things people used to use the Yellow Pages for, they’re searching the Internet for now. Why? Because the Internet is faster and easier. And if you use a search engine like Google, the results of your search are highly relevant and targeted.

Get a Well Designed Website and Get Yourself Ranked Highly in Google

Folks can spend 5 minutes researching something online or half the morning on the phone “pushing 2 for English” and wrestling with the Yellow Pages. Which would you choose?

Here’s an Example

So if you happen to sell widgets, and your customers are searching online for “widgets in Brantford,” where do you come up in the search results?

Do you know that the top position in Google gets 42% of all the clicks? Position 2 gets close to 20%. And the remaining 38% is split between the paid ads and the thousands of other results for that particular search.

So if you’re not in first or second place, how much money are you leaving on the table every month?

Top Google Rankings Are Our Specialty

The science and art of getting your business to rank highly in Google and Bing is our specialty at Brantford Web Design. We can bring tremendous benefits to your business. Want to find out how? Give us a call!